Product- Air Curtain

This unit forms an effective air barrier against in between spaces. Strong blow of discharge air from the curtain nozzle prevent cross movement of air and keeps the controlled space air sealed. The invisible air curtains offer no infringement to the through pass of material or persons. It also keeps away flies, flying insects, dusts, smokes etc.


The units are robustly build, light weighted and have high slot velocity. All models are specially designed for continuous operation. Fan impellers are dynamically balance for smooth running and very low sound level. The unit can be made of Mild-steel. Stainless-steel, Aluminium , FRP or any specific material as per requirement.

Models              :         Domestic light duty and Heavy duty type industrial model.

Sizes                 :         To suit any size as per customers, specification.

Applications    :         Food processing and ready food manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Drugs,                                     Breweries, Textile, Spinning mill, Bakeries, Restaurant, Hotel, Pub etc.