Product: Centrifugal Fans

A wide range of industrial Centrifugal Fans for each and every application.

Eight different types of impeller designs to suit different purposes.

Most modern technology and upgraded designs.

High efficiency.

Low power consumption and noise level.

All impellers are dynamically balanced as per latest edition of ISO 1940/ VOI 2056.

Sturdy design for long life.

Material of constructions

Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, FRP, High tensile alloy steel.


Single inlet- single width, Double inlet-double width, Multistage
Centrifugal fans.

Impeller types

Forward curved, Backward curved, Backward inclined, Radial type, Paddle,  Open Paddle, etc.

Capacity Range

500 M3/Hr  to  3,00,000 M3/Hr of air volume.

Pressure Range

25 mm of WG.  To 2000 mm of WG. Static Pressure.


General Ventilation, I.D., F.D. , Dust & Fume Extraction, Drying, Cooling, Pneumatic Conveying, Furnace oil atomization, Air-Conditioning, Pressurization, Ship ventilation-both Merchant Marine and Fighting ships.