Product: Inertial Separators

Inertial separators use inertia and gravity to separate dust particles from the dust filled air stream i.e. by slowing the flow of dusty air stream. When the speed of the dust filled air stream is slowed down, heavier dirt particles settle out from the air stream by gravity and fall into a hopper where they are collected.

There are two types of inertial separators. They are (i) settling collectors (ii) baffle collectors.

Settling Dust Collectors:

Settling collectors separate dust from the dusty air stream by using a settling chamber (a large box) in ductwork carrying dusty air. When the dust filled air stream enters the large settling chamber its speed come down considerably owing to the sudden increase in size of its passage. Heavier dust particles settle out due to gravity from the slow air stream and are collected.

Baffle Dust Collectors:

Baffle collectors have a baffle plate (a flat plate) in the path of the dust filled air stream to slow it down. The air stream strikes the baffle plate and undergoes a sudden change in direction. The air stream flow and the baffle are designed in a way that the stream is first forced in a downward direction, followed by an upward 180 degree turn. With such abrupt changes in direction, the air flow slows down sharply. The heavier dust particles either strike the baffle plates due to their inertia or settle out by gravity when the flow slows down and slide into the hopper where they are collected. As they collect, the larger dust particles mop up the finer particles that escape the action of gravity and inertia, and improve the overall efficiency.

Uses of Inertial Dust Collectors:

Inertial separators are the simplest type of dust collector. They are normally used as a pre cleaner or a pre filter for collectors with greater efficiencies. As pre cleaners their main function is to separate large particles that could damage some dust collectors. In metal working operations they are also used as a spark trap and protect filters in collectors in a limited way