Product: Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter

We offer you a wide range of industrial Bag-filter units for various types of applications. The units are suitable for finer particulates separation as low as 3 microns. All units are meticulously designed for high filtering efficiency at low pressure drop level. Automatic bag cleaning features enable you to achieve continuous operation. Wide variety of filtering media are available to cater to your specific application. The units can be made to withstand upto 300º C temp, are designed for minimum maintenance, long and trouble free operation and minimum floor space requirement. The units can achieve 99% filtering efficiency.

Capacity Range Upto  100,000 M3/Hr. in a single unit.
Models Cassette Type, Reverse Pulse Jet, Insertable Type
Applications General dust control, cupola, furnace, boiler, grinding, Cement industries, steel, coal handling plant, sponge Iron, foundary, ceramic, glass, ash handling plant etc.