Product: Rotary Air Locks

Rotary Air Locks/Rotar Valves/Rotar Feeders/Star Valves

As the name indicates, the unit is air-locking device for any system that works under positive or negative pressure. This unit also acts as constant feeding device of materials to other system. The close tolerance between rotor & casing provides minimal air pass and make the unit almost versatile for all applications.

The unit, due to its operation principal, acts as constant feeder at constant speed and material bulk density.

These units come in different shapes and dimensions and almost all the units are tailor-made as per specific requirements. The operation system can be widely different. The requirements, degree of leakage fact or, temperature of handling gas, pressure of the line gas etc. determines the construction.

A wide choice of Construction Materials:

Simple Carbon Steel, SS, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Zn- coated or any special materials as per specific requirement and applications.


Ф50 mm Diameter to Ф6000 mm Diameter.


Butter-fly, Multi-vane, Variable- inlet ( VIV ), Guillotine.


Manual, Gear drive, Electro-mechanical, Pneumatic and Hydraulic etc


High temp. & High pressure model with special shaft seals.