Product: Spray Paint Booth


The unique solution of No-pump:                                                                                               

The no-pump principle is very different. There is no water screen and no pump. Instead, a high-pressure centrifugal blower creates high velocity air stream across the surface of water tank. This causes the surface to shear and the air entrains liquid. Over spray is drawn into this air/liquid mixture and violently scrubbed in an area of extreme turbulence caused by sharp changes in the direction of the air/liquid stream.

Since there is nothing to become clogged, the resign particles are encouraged to re-circulate so that they can be scrubbed, again and again. Eventually, the resin is completely broken down. Pigment sinks to the bottom of the washing tank as a non-sticky slit which is relatively easy to dispose of.

Working Principle: 

The high velocity produced by the powerful exhaust blower sucks the chemically treated water from the tank through a gap just above the water along with paint over spray. This results in a marked spray like swirl, which brings about an intensive mixing of the water and paint laden air. The saw toothed ventury plate provided at the suction face improves the efficiency of the separations. The fine spray of the water that are produced as a result of this process contact together with the over spray so violently that an optimum separation of the over spray and sucked air is achieved. The resulting water wash breaks the binder and paint pigments settles down. Air with water spray moves upwards blower through a series of eliminator plates, provided at the path. This removes the water particles and clean air is exhausted to the atmosphere. The solid, non-sticky pigment settles at the bottom of the water tank as slits.


There is no circulating pump, pipe works, nozzles or filters to clog up.

Superior water treatment leads to more complete breakdown of resins.

Low maintenance and low initial cost. Minimum floor space requirement

Minimize pollution hazards. High efficiency of cleaning. Much easier to clean.

Controlled environment. Dust free supply air from outside ensures better finish.