Product: Wet Scrubber

Wet scrubber unit is a versatile dust and gas cleaning device extensively used in industrial pollution control. numerous models are available to cater every application. All individual models are designed for highest efficiency and consistent performance. The unit can be constructed using carbon steel, stainless steel specially alloy or plastic. The pressure drop varies from 60 mm WG to 250 mm WG depending upon the individual model.

Upgraded design, High dust separation efficiency.

Low pressure drop,. High Heat & Mass Transfer ratio.

Tried and tested design. Steady in performance.

Different tailor made models for specific applications.


Wet Cyclone, Roto-clone, Pack Bed Scrubber, Perforated Tray Scrubber,  Spray Tower, Ventury Scrubber etc.


500 M3/Hr. to 1,00,000 M3/Hr. in a single unit.


General gas cooling, Odor Removal, Removal of toxic gases from air Sub Micronics Dust separations, Foundry, Metallurgical & Metal refining industries, Boiler, Galvanizing Plant, Acid Picking Unit, etc.