Product: Axial Flow Fans

Manufactured as per the design of most recent technology. Wide range of impellers. All impellers are  Aluminium die-cast, Aerofoil section bladed. Impellers can be fixed pitch or adjustable type for minute adjustment without changing the impeller.

All fans are type  tested as per international standard for its performances.

  Aluminium die-cast impeller.

  Adjustable blade angle for better flexibility of duty point.

  Dynamically balanced impeller for smooth running.

  Wider range of impeller sizes.

  Low power consumption, low noise level.

  Testing and trial facilities as per IS, BS & AMCA standard.

Model        :    Single-stage, Multi-stage, High Pressure, Bi-furcated, Roof Extractor.

Capacity         :      500 M3/Hr.  to  1,00,000 M3/Hr of air volume.

Pressure        :      5 mmof WG  to 300 mm of WG.

Applications   :      Ventilation, Fume Extraction, Cooling, Heating, Drying, Exhaust, Humidification, Paint Booth, Atomic & Nuclear plants, Clean room, etc.

Axial Flow Fans