Who We Are

Proven expertise

We deliver ‘concept to commissioning’ solutions with a mission of ‘Execution par Excellence’

We have already installed our equipment in different organizations across India and abroad to our esteemed clients’ satisfaction. It is a matter of great pleasure that most of our first client eventually made us a regular vendor for their plants.

We are committed to fulfill our economic, environmental and social responsibilities while conducting business efficiently. We believe in inclusive growth by empowering communities and accelerating development.

We undertake 

Ventilation, Humidification, Fume Extraction, Dust Extraction, Tea Weathering Trough, Pneumatic Conveying, Air Pollution Control, Effluent Treatment Plant projects on Turn Key basis.

We manufacture the following products as per client’s specifications:

Centrifugal Fans, Axial Flow Fans, Air Washers, Cyclone Separators, Multi-cyclones, Wet Scrubbers, Bag Filters, Wet & Dry, Filter Panels, Air curtains, Rotary Airlocks & Screw conveyors, Spray & Powder Coating Booths, Auto Viscous Air Filters, Silencers as per client’s specifications.